The mapping between apaleo and Quickbooks accounts can be configured in this mask. The mapping is made through apaleo's property. The sales tax accounts with account type Vat or VatOnLiabilities are not displayed in the list. Not the main accounts (e.g. Revenue) but the sub-accounts (e.g. Revenue Accommodation or Revenue Accommodation (X%), ...) should be configured.

In the column "Quickbooks account name" you can choose an appropriate quickbooks account from the list.

Normally, the list of all apaleo accounts is very long. However, you do not have to assign every apaleo account to a quickbooks account. With the filter (top left) “Only used accounts”, only the apaleo accounts that were booked in transactions in the last month are displayed in the list. This gives you a short list and, especially during the first configuration, it can save you a lot of time if you only map the accounts in the list. 

The filter has another option, “Mapped accounts”. With this option, you can see all accounts that are already mapped. 

If you are looking for a specific account, the "Search" box at the top right would help you. If you enter part of the name of the account here (regardless of whether it is an apaleo or quickbooks account) and press Enter, you will only be shown the accounts that contain the search term you entered. 

The “More …” button provides additional configuration options. 

Copy mapping to another property - this option allows the configuration of the selected property to be copied to another property. If the new property is already configured, no existing configuration/account mapping will be overwritten, only new configuration/account mapping will be added. Only configurations for accounts that exist in both properties will be transferred.

Export Settings in CSV File - This action will write the configuration of all accounts of the selected property into a CSV file. The following columns are available in the CSV file:

  1. Apaleo account number
  2. Apaleo account name
  3. Apaleo account type
  4. Quickbooks account number
  5. Quickbooks account name
  6. Quickbooks account type