The mapping between apaleo and Quickbooks accounts can be configured in this mask. The mapping is made through apaleo's property. The sales tax accounts with account type Vat or VatOnLiabilities are not displayed in the list. Not the main accounts (e.g. Revenue) but the sub-accounts (e.g. Revenue Accommodation or Revenue Accommodation (X%), ...) should be configured.

In the column "Quickbooks account name" you can choose an appropriate xero account from the list. All xero accounts are showed in the list. The whole mapping table are divided on more pages. In the below part you can see on which page you stay (page 1 of 4) and how many entries contains the table (56). With a click on the column header you can sort the table's content. With the filter symbol you can defined restrictions for the columns "Account name" and "Account type" and on this way, you can search entries.