On the first page "Xero import", bookings can be exported from apaleo and converted and imported into xero. For an export you can select a period of a month, a day or a self-defined period. If several "Xero's Organisations" are configured in the Xero organisation config, a "Xero Organisation" must be selected for the import.
Additionally you can select the status of the created manual journal. We recommend to import the transactions into the journal with the status "DRAFT". After import you can correct the transactions in the xero application. You can import the transactions in status "POSTED" too.

The "Convert" button creates an export of booking data from apaleo for the selected period and tries to convert it into an internal xero format.

If there is a problem with the conversion of booking transactions, an error message will be displayed:

If there is an error or warning during the import, you could check it with the icon "Details" in the error file.

The booking transactions are imported as a manual journal in status draft:

For each booking day, one separated manual journal is created.